An Athame for Every Occasion: Using Pagan Tools to Empower Children

An athame, also known as a witch knife or black dagger, is an important tool in many pagan rituals, particularly Wiccan and Gardnerian rituals. However, this tool can be powerful and versatile even beyond pagan ritual use, making it an invaluable tool to have around the house—especially in homes with children. If you have young pagans at home, here’s how to use an athame to empower your kids.

What is it?

A ceremonial small double-edged knife known as an athame is often used in the practice of Wicca and other forms of neo-paganism. Athames are typically inscribed with symbols or words, and are kept on or near the altar. Pagans often use athames to direct energy, cast circles, and cut herbs, candles, or cords.

They can also be passed around so that everyone can use it to form their circle. Depending on who you ask, an athame could have different purposes and uses. Some think an athame’s purpose is to clear negative energy, while others believe it draws in energies.

Some pagans prefer using more than one type of blade during rituals. There’s no right or wrong way to use your athame; just make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing before performing any rituals.

The Many Uses of an Athame

Children can use the athame to draw pentagrams on paper or dirt to protect themselves from negative energies. Have them scratch out words on paper that represent their worries and anxieties, cutting through them until they disappear.

For a protective shield, have the child cross two black-bladed athames while chanting “I am strong. I am invincible.

Athames teach children to be confident in themselves and to stand up against bullies. It is never too early to learn how to speak your mind and stand up for yourself.

Children will feel more confident in themselves when they realize that if someone tries to bring them down, they have the power to stand up.

How Can Kids Use Their Own Athame?

Ritual and magical aspects often draw children to paganism. Although they may not always be ready for a full-blown ritual or spell, they can still have fun with their own athame. Give them a small pocket knife and show them how to cut the air in front of them with it.

Have a child draw a pentagram in the dirt and sprinkle salt around it. Hold up the athame to one point of the pentagram and ask for what they wish. After saying “My intentions make it so.“, start at step one and repeat until finished with each point on the pentagram.

Let your kids get creative! Tell them that they can ask for anything they need here – even if you don’t know how to do it, the magic will happen when they believe in it! Intentions make it so.

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